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About Dominica.

Dominica is one of the most beautiful islands on earth. To call it paradise is too simplistic. It is more wild, more dramatic, more unpredictable.


It is said that if Columbus were to return to the Caribbean today, Dominica is the only island he would recognise. A third of the land area is designated to national parks and so much of the mountainous forest is wild and uninhabited, it’s easy to imagine there are parts where no human has ever set foot.


The island’s wealth of natural beauty is well documented – mountains, rivers, waterfalls, hot volcanic springs, secluded beaches, coral reefs, sea turtles and resident families of whales – but all this wilderness is packed into an island that can be driven around in a day, populated by fun-loving, friendly people with the lowest crime-rate in all the

Caribbean and a nurtured by government that is committed to

promoting Eco-tourism.


For the nature-loving tourist there is no better destination.


Contact us to start planning your visit.



Further information:

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